The Meaning Behind My Blogs Name

Though I've never talked about it, it wasn't very easy to pick out my blog name.  In fact, when I first started out I just went by Mrs. Tillery.  It wasn't until I had been around awhile, and realized I wanted more than just a basic blog that I invented The Atypical Housewife.  So, how did I pick The Atypical Housewife...and...why?

The easiest part was knowing I wanted housewife to be in the name of my blog.  I wanted people to know that if they came to my blog, they'd be reading about the domestic arts.  So I kept saying to myself, The _____ Housewife?  What would fit there?  I tried so many different words, but nothing seemed right.  The Different Housewife? The Intriguing Housewife?  The Vintage Housewife?  The Bored Housewife?  None of it was sounding right, or expressing what I wanted to express.  I wanted people to get the hint that I wasn't a normal housewife, I wasn't a retro housewife, not a crazy one, and definitely not a desperate housewife.  I didn't want people to think I had it all together, or was Martha Stewart-esque.  I just wasn't typical.  So what was I?  Atypical.

I am not typical, especially when compared to a lot of other housewives in today's culture.  I'm nothing more than a girl turned housewife.  I'm not rich or well off, I know more about being poor and sticking to budgets than those ladies on TV.  I do not party, and I do not sass my husband.  I'm not on the other end of the spectrum either.  I'm not quiet and meek, I'm (usually) not wearing an apron, and you will probably never find my closet organized.  Not to mention I am a housewife, without children.  I am 25 years old, but my goal is my home, it's my husband, not a career.  I don't want people reading my blog and thinking, "Oh geez, she's just so perfect, she has everything together and is so typical of all the other bloggers I read."  Because I'm not that housewife.  I haven't had a manicure since I got married, and if I'm lucky I can wear fingernail polish for a day before it chips off.  Oh, and I bite my nails.  I cut my own hair, and have no high lights.  I like ranch dressing with my pizza and only own one pair of high heels.  I let my dogs share my pillow, and I serve as supreme heating blanket for my cats.  I'm pretty sarcastic, and I do not adore the Victorian era.  As I grow, and work towards my dream of being a little more self sufficient, I just get more atypical.  It's not typical to grow your own food, to butcher your own animals, and to make your own cheese.

So that's it, that's why I'm The Atypical Housewife.  But now I'm dying to know, what's the meaning behind your blogs name?

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Alana of Domestic Bliss Diaries said...

Loved this peek into who you are. You might be atypical, but then again, I'm always drawn to friends who are different. Different makes things interesting!

My blog name started out as Domestic Bliss Diaries because I was pursuing "utter joy and contentment with home and family". But, within the last week or so I changed it to just "The Bliss Diaries" because I want to create utter joy and contentment with my life in general. My life still centers around home and family, but it's gods beyond that, too: blogging, ministry, church family, etc.