Just a List

We've been at my parents all day getting work done.  It's late, and I cannot think of anything to write about.  Partially because I'm tired and maybe a hint of writers block.  In this spirit, I give you...a list...

-I am struggling to write this list even though it should be easy!

-I'm trying to figure out what my blog is about.  I want to write about homemaking, but what do I say about it?  I want to write about self sufficiency...gardening, chickens, goats but not much is happening now that it's so cold.  I wish I could read all of your minds so I'd know what you wanted to read about!

-I cannot wait until Thanksgiving day.  It's such a wonderful holiday.

-I am brainstorming some ideas for a Christmas series but not sure how to go about it yet.

-I tried Earl Grey tea for the first time yesterday.  It was SO good.

-You know those cold, fall days?  The ones where it's drizzling outside, leaves are falling and it's dark and grey?  My favorite part about those days is waking up under my amazingly warm blanket, next to my husband.  Usually trapped by two dogs, and two cats.  <3

-I wish I had more friends and an excuse to cook them dinner parties.

-Although I am so, so, so excited for fall and winter.  Although I am so excited for Christmas and New Years, I can't wait until spring either.  Baby chicks, goats, and planning a garden are all so exciting.

-I never knew how difficult it was to pick out curtains, and find furniture.  Ugh.

-My husband and I eat tacos every single week.  We love it, they are so delicious!

I hope you didn't mind my random list today.  A more sane post is scheduled for tomorrow!

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