2012 Thanksgiving Guide: Resources and Reminders

Alright kids, this series is closing!  I have really, truly loved writing these posts, and I hope to do a Christmas series soon as well!  Today I want to close this with two things, a reminder and some resources.

I want to remind everyone, as you plan for your Thanksgiving, to truly think about the day you're celebrating.     Thanksgiving is all about thanking God for all He has done, and all He has given us.  It is so easy to get sidetracked by holidays, to get distraught because the chairs don't match, or you have to use paper cups.  You may not have the house how you want it, or the walls painted perfect.  It's easy to get distracted by things to do, food to cook, and people to care for.  Instead of letting those ungrateful thoughts fill your mind and heart, replace them with prayers of thankfulness.  Don't be despaired by dishes, rejoice you had a nice feast, unhappy with aspects of your house, praise God you have a home.  Take time everyday to think of what you are thankful for, thank God for those things, keep a thankful journal if you need too!  Women tend to set the tone in the home.  If you are happy, if you are positive and thankful, other follow suit.

The last thing I wanted to leave you will was a little list of resources for Thanksgiving.  You can always do google searches, but here are just a few sites that may help give you ideas or direction.

Bliss Diaries Thanksgiving Guide-this is from a fellow blogger, she has some great decor and amazing ideas on what to wear for Thanksgiving dinner!
Bon Appetit's 2012 Thanksgiving HQ
Food & Wine Ultimate Holiday Guide
Williams-Sonoma Thanksgiving Guide
Food Network's Thanksgiving 

I truly hope you enjoyed this series!  If you have any questions between now and Thanksgiving, please leave a comment, or send an e-mail!  I hope you all end up having a truly wonderful Thanksgiving!

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