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Before being a full time housewife, I worked customer service.  One of the biggest lessons we learned was that people were much more likely to tell others about their negative experiences versus their positive experiences.

Are you doing this in your marriage?

I'm challenging myself, and anyone else who would like to participate in joining in on my "365 Reasons I Love My Husband."  No, you don't have to blog all 365 reasons at once!  You can include a reason a day, do a blog post a week, or one big one once a month.  I'm going to be doing one post a week, that will list out 7 things I love about my husband.  Each week I'll be adding a linky tool so that way you can link up your post so myself and others can stop by and check it out!  I hope this challenges you to focus on the good things about your husband, instead of lingering on the few faults he may have.

Sorry for the lack of these posts recently.  With everything that has gone on, and with moving, unpacking, etc. I barely had the gumption to write regular posts, much less continue with this series.  However, I'm trying to get back to a new normal!  I did more than usual, and feel free to check back next week as well!

36.  I love how smart my husband is.  I also love that he thinks differently than me, we have the same answers, but we got them in totally different ways!

37.  I love my husbands odd habits, it makes him more interesting.

38.  I love how supportive my husband is.  Big dreams, little dreams, crazy dreams, he supports them all, and I love that.

39.  I love that my husband listens to me.

40.  I love how my husband does not allow the silent treatment.

41.  I love how persistent my husband is.  I'm not by nature a good communicator, but he helps me be one.

42.  I love how my husband is trustworthy.

43.  I love my husbands heart.  He may be ornery, stubborn, and sarcastic, but he is a good guy...and those are hard to come by!

44.  I love my husbands one gray hair.

45.  I love that my husband listens to oldie country music.  It drives me crazy, but I would much rather him listen to "Elvira" then some of the other songs these days.

46.  I love how my husband sleeps.  He falls asleep within seconds, can have complete conversations, shouts out random things, and sometimes hits me all while sleeping.  It keeps things interesting.

47.  I love that my husband accepts me.  This includes my odd habits (pizza and ranch), emotional scars, big dreams and ideas, my love for all things furry, etc.

48.  I love that my husband values my opinion.  He asks for my advice, and wants to know what I think, no matter what, and that means so, so much to me.

49.  I love that my husband tells me about his day, everyday.  It's hard to follow along, (i.e. he may talk about turbos, rebuilds, and crank shafts, but it's kind of like he's speaking another language) but I am glad he shares.

50.  I love that my husband is man enough to admit when he is wrong.

51.  I love that my husband is so skilled at what he does.

52.  I love that my husband is not afraid of me.  I know plenty of men scared of their wives (which is not a good thing), and I am glad my husband respects me, but is not afraid to speak his mind and share his opinion, and tell me when I'm being a butthead.

53.  I love how my husband can problem solve in ways I cannot.

54.  I love my husbands chin.

55.  I love that my husband dislikes summer as much as I do.

56.  I love my husbands ability to provide for me, and three billion fuzzy butts.

57.  I love the fact my husband is handy.  He can fix a lot of different things.

58.  I love my husbands smile.

59.  I love my husbands laugh.

60.  I love who my husband is.

Feel free to grab the 365 Reasons I Love My Husband button, link up your post, or leave some reasons you love your husband in the comment section!

365 Reasons I Love My Husband

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