Homemaking Habits

Since moving things have been…easy.  Well, let me explain.  We moved from a small space, about 1200 square feet, to about 2500 square feet.  Also, in the process of moving we gave away a lot, got rid of a lot of furniture, and most of the items in boxes here are things for storage.  I have a lot of room here, and little to fill it with, so that means there isn’t a whole lot for me to be doing.  There is going to be a lot of decorating, and home improvements in the future but we’re trying not to rush anything or get in over our heads.

I noticed this week was the first week here in which things have been getting a little messy.  No excuses because I have the time, but I have yet to give myself any goals, or any lists to follow.  (I’m big on lists!)  I figured now is the best time to give my days some type of bone structure.  I’m a free spirit, so sticking to anything to rigid will not be happening, but I can have guidelines, and I know that will help!

Morning Tasks:

Get up and make the bed.
Let the dogs out to potty.
Scoop litter boxes.
Feed cats.
Make sure dogs have food and water.
See if Rob needs anything, or needs lunch, etc.
Unload dishwasher and put dishes away.
Lay out anything needed for dinner.

Midday Tasks:

Tidy all rooms.
Do any labor intensive cooking, make dessert.
Take time to work on blogging!!!!!
Sweep entire upstairs.
Spot mop as needed.

Evening Tasks:

Kitchen table cleaned off.
All dishes running in the dishwasher.
Kitchen completely tidy, and sink shiney.
Complete one entire load of laundry while watching TV with Rob.

Friday Tasks:

Ensure entire house is clean as possible.
Super mop.
Menu plan.

Monday Tasks:

Clean up after weekend.
Do any ahead of time cooking.

Well, geez, I feel better already!  I have to say having an idea of what needs to be done, and ensuring something doesn’t get left till last minute is really helpful.  I don’t know about you but it seems when I think of a list and write it down, I remember it better!  These may change, and in the future I may have certain things I do on certain days, but right now this should be fine.

Do you have any homemaking habits?

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