Life Interrupted

Wow.  I seriously had a blog plan for this entire week.  But life kinda swept in here and totally ruined my plans!

You see, this weekend was insanely busy.  I've been struggling with insomnia (again), so I've been a little sleep deprived, and Saturday was going to be busy because we were moving some furniture from the farm, to here, and some things of my mom and dads to the farm.  Then Rob and I went to the farm, to help move boxes from the garage, to the basement.  There was a lot of hauling, and lifting, and rearranging, and cleaning.  Then Sunday we had our next big task of chiseling up all the old tiles in the basement at the farm.  We got a machine...that was INSANELY loud...to help break off the tiles.  It was tricky an difficult to work with, so we resorted to doing it by hand.  We all helped some, but Rob did the most of it.  His calloused hands and muscles really helped on this project!  After that there was clean up, and dinner, and I had only had a little sleep.  Monday we went to a huge furniture store with my mom and dad.  We looked at all sorts of furniture, and my mom and dad got a new computer, and some small kitchen appliances, and I got...a DSLR! AHHHHH! So excited.  Usually our weekends are not spent away from home so much, needless to say I cannot wait until this coming weekend so we can just relax!

In closing, I'm going to show ya some of the photos I've taken...



My mom's 13 year old dog, Penny.

Our rooster.




I'm no expert yet, but I am very happy with the pictures I've taken so far.  I can't wait to become more experienced and hopefully even better!

Hope ya'll are having a wonderful week!

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