Once upon a time ago, when this blog was very much just a baby, I posted about our living situation.  A few months after getting married, my husband and I wound up living with my grandfather.  My grandfather built the house we lived in, and when they were building it they lived solely in the basement for a number of years.  It has a huge living room space, a kitchen, a bedroom, laundry room and a bathroom.  It has its own “front” door and stairs that lead to a door that goes outside.  This house is on 80 acres of lovely farmland (as I’m sure you’ve noticed by my pictures!).  I’ve loved being here ever since I was little.  We would visit often, and go fishing, and I would always wander and explore.  Once I became an adult and got married, living in the country is something I have always wanted, but never talked about because I knew that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon for me.  Of course, then I ended up unexpectedly living in the country.  It was only just a few months ago I took the plunge to get chickens, and I regret waiting so long.  I regret thinking of someday, versus taking advantage of what I had.

Last Wednesday I got the news that our time here was coming to an end.  We will be heading to the city.  I knew this was a possibility, but I guess I didn’t really think it would happen.  I have to admit to being a lot heartbroken.  I need to be deep cleaning, organizing, and packing, but I just seem to be walking around aimlessly, feeling annoyingly depressed.  We’re hoping (and praying might I add) that our time living in the city will be short lived, but we don’t know for sure.  I know I need to stop thinking about what’s going on, and just focus on the daily tasks that need to be completed, but I’m totally struggling.  I’m so thankful that regardless of my pity party, God is in complete control, and He knows my wants and my dreams.  He knows where we will be happiest, and what is best for us.

I’m going to try to get back to some blogging, but I feel kind of awkward about it.  I don’t really know that I have much to say that would benefit everyone else right now.  Nevertheless I know I need to write, so I’m sorry if my posts seem weird for awhile!

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