I Don't Want To Blog

Dutchess playing with a bone!
I have to admit, sometimes I don't want to blog.  It can be difficult to think up posts, upload pictures, and get a good writing schedule.  More than once I have thought about throwing in the towel.  In the end I haven't given up because I don't want to be a quitter, I love the fellowship and friendship, and it's an enjoyable hobby.  I also think a big part of my struggle with writing right now is that there is a lot going on here.  Nothing dramatic, or super amazing, but it feels a little like limbo.  I struggle with thinking up exciting blog posts.  I think a lot of that is more mental, rather than true though.  I love reading posts about normal things from other people, but figure people don't want to hear that from me!

I think I blog best when I'm in an organized, creative area.  I think I would blog best with limited noise and distraction.  I think I need to set some time aside just for blogging.  These are going to be my goals for the coming week!

Do you struggle with blogging?  Do you schedule time to blog, or just blog when you feel like it?

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