Finally, Snow!

I hope I'll finally be able to get back into doing some writing.  Things have been...busy lately.  Some family drama that I think is doing better, thankfully.  The most exciting thing that has happened is that we finally got snow!  I love winter, and I love snow, and so far this has been a really depressing winter.  Only a dusting of snow, nothing like last year.  Rob and I took the dogs out on Monday, and I thought I'd share the pictures with you!

Right outside the door.  I love how pure, fresh, and beautiful everything looks.
I bet your thinking these are our dogs paw prints, right?  WRONG!  Coyote tracks, they were quite a bit smaller than Duke's paw prints.  One of my favorite things about snow is the ability to see animal tracks.
Our dogs LOVE snow.  It's just their type of weather.  Dutchess is eating the snow like it's going out of style.
Duke going after Dutchess, they were having so much fun!
Here is Duke waiting for Rob to throw a snowball!
I. Love. This. Picture!  Dutchess is airborn, trying to get a snowball before Duke does.
Another priceless picture of Duke.  I love seeing an 80 pound dog airborne.
They loved snowball chasing.  Duke's new favorite game is actually fetch.  Didn't work so well with snowballs though!
This picture is not only adorable, but also breathtaking.  Duke had knee surgery just 4 and a half months ago.  He's not back to how he was, he may never be, but he is doing SO good.
And finally, another one of Duke.  Isn't he handsome?
I hope you enjoyed our snow filled adventures!!  Do your dogs like snow?


Rebecca said...

Love the pics!! :) I'm happy we haven't had a big snow yet this year.

Kirsten said...

That first pic is gorgeous! Yay snow! I also love the contrast of the black dogs playing in the white snow--so pretty! Family drama is the worst--hope it gets better. :)

Megan said...

Snow is so great! It makes a not-so exciting day beautiful and enchanting. Thanks for sharing. Cute blog :)--Megan R.