God Does Care

As most of you know I planted a garden this year.  As you may not know, I can't admit to being a total success!  I got some small harvests, and right now my tomatoes are ripening but it's not what I had imagined or planned.  A few weeks ago, my husband and I had an issue before us.  We had planted all of our summer crop, but not the things that would be ready for fall.  Like our squash, and pumpkins.  We had to plant them on this certain day or they wouldn't be ready in time for fall decorations.  (We all know fall is a big deal to me!)  It was a hot day when we were making this decision, we had been awake too long, and we were tired.  We decided not to plant pumpkins, and decorative squash.  I was disappointed because I had imagined having tons of pumpkins to process into puree to get me pumpkin pie, bread, and anything else I could think of.  I comforted myself with the thought that I'd just buy some like last year and process them.  It wouldn't be quite as great, but good enough.  I bet your wondering where this is going, aren't you?

Today, it was brought to my attention, that just about 200 feet from my "garden" is a pumpkin plant.  This pumpkin plant is huge, sprawling, blooming, and there are even tiny baby green pumpkins!  ((I'll have to remember and take some pictures for you to see!))

Some people may see this as a coincidence.  I see this as an "I love you, and I care about you." straight from God.  I didn't ask God for a pumpkin plant, but if anyone knows my heart, it's God.  I like to think He knew how excited it would make me, and He wanted to let me know He does care about me, even the tiniest, most seemingly unimportant things.

How has God shown you He loves you lately?


Heather @ Mrs. Southern Bride said...

I love when He gives us those " I care about you" moments. :)

Amy said...

That is wonderful! I love those moments where something little happens, but you know it's been sent by God. I had one once when I thought I had lost a scarf made by my grandma. One day I opened a storage closet and it was mysteriously sitting on top of all my boxes.

Nicole said...

Oh my gosh, I love this!! This happens all too often. It's like kisses from Heaven from a Daddy who really cares. Man I love that Man Jesus. <3

Kirsten said...

I think that is awesome! He is most certainly in the details. Yay, God!

Alexis said...

I love that outlook! God does care!