Highs & Lows 8/22-8/29


  • our kittens are healing great after their spay/neuter-I was so scared they would act sick or be in pain, but they weren't!
  • the nights have felt nice and cool lately, such a relief
  • had a great weekend, and did lots of shopping!  Though I bought very little!
  • got a good amount of deep cleaning done
  • got my dog training book!! "Great Owners, Good Dogs"  So excited!  I've already read half of it and I just got it last night!
  • more ripe tomatoes-that I actually need to go out and pick
  • the unexpected pumpkin plant
  • Something I haven't mentioned, but out dog Duke was playing with his sister about a month or so ago and cried and hurt his back leg.  He's limped off or on, but we know we have to get him to the vet.  I did some googling earlier (never a good idea!) and think it could be a torn ACL.  Which is not only costly to repair, but almost always effects one side and then the other.
Not a ton of lows, but the one low is big enough to equal a lot of little lows.  We're looking for a low cost vet we can go to to get him checked out, please pray that it isn't as serious as we think.  I would be estatic if it was just a pulled muscle, or something less serious.

Hope you guys had a great weekend, and what are your highs a lows for this past week?  Let me know in the comment section!

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