Is It Fall Yet?

I know, I know, I've talked about fall 4 billion times.  In my defense I'm just sooo ready for fall!  Although today's high is going to be 91 degrees, I can tell that fall is on it's way.  ((It's actually just 29 days until the official first day of fall!))  Here is a list of 7 ways I can tell fall is on it's way...

  1. The thistles in the pasture are dead.  Just a month ago they were tall, green, blossoming and vibrant, and now they are withered.
  2. The grass isn't green anymore.  Or at least most of it isn't.  Instead of being lush, it's crunchy and yellow.
  3. The grasshoppers are out and about in droves.  You move out here and it seems as if the earth is moving with you.  These grasshoppers always happen right before fall starts.
  4. The spiders are out.  During the main part of summer here, you don't really see spiders much.  But once it gets close to fall they come out.  I'm waiting on a certain spider to show up so I can show you! They are so cool!
  5. They are wheeling out the fall decor in all the local craft shops.
  6. All the kids have gone back to school.
  7. I am getting the jitters!  It's like an internal seasonal clock that's telling me it's almost here!!


Amy said...

Lol! I hear ya on this one. Fall is my favorite season and I'm longing for it to come here, too.

Carly Anne said...

For real - Fall can't come soon enough...