Oh Kitten

Our lovely Daisy and Simba are being so ornery these days!!  It's become increasingly difficult to type blog entries, sweep floors, or even fold laundry because they are constantly playing and tackling me and each other!!!

Summer is here full force.  It is so warm!! We have heat advisories for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Yuck, yuck, yuck.

On the plus side, my tomato plants and green bean plants have taken off like crazy!!  This weekend we are getting wire around the tomatoes to grow on, and we'll also be doing some tilling for pumpkins, corn, and watermelon.  We're late, but better late than never!  Later on today it's also my goal to get out and do some more weeding! It's like every little bit of weeding I've done, twenty thousand weeds regrow in their place!  I'm really thinking the next garden I do will be a bit smaller, and I really like the thought of raised beds.

I recently made some minor blog changes, one of the things I changed, well added, actually.  Up on my bar with my about me section, and contact section, at the very end is one labeled "Forum".  I created a free forum and thought I would see if it was something people was interested in!  I thought it would be a great place to encourage, share and uplift each other.

In closing, I have just two more things to mention!!  One, we're just 6 entries away until my 100th post and my first ever giveaway!! I'm so excited!  Second, starting next week I'm going to be starting a series of posts. It has to do with different aspects of homemaking, and it's going to be pretty detailed!  I'm really excited to share that as well!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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