Memorial Weekend Mowing Adventure

((Sorry for such a long title!!))

So, a month ago I took these pictures when we mowed grass by the pond for our Memorial day weekend.  I followed Rob in the car to take pictures and to keep the dogs safe.  These big mower attachments can easily cost a dog it's leg, if not it's life.  Here we go!

Rob is backing the tractor out, and we're on our way to the pond.

We have to stop and open the gate to get out to the pasture.

Rob had just gone from the gravel to grass, and is starting to mow.

You can kind of make out the shorter grass from the taller grass.

Here you can better see the area that has been mowed.

Up close and personal!

We're now by the pond, Rob is in the distance going back and forth.

Rob heard a pop, and apparently a bolt broke.  Here he is explaining the pole by his hands goes around and around to power the blades underneath the mower.

Where that hole is, is where the bolt is supposed to be, and in fact, part of it is there.  It had just snapped in half.

Rob managed to get the rest of the bolt out, and here it is in half.

My dad, being the ingenious man he is, had another bolt wrapped to the mower!  Talk about saving time and energy going to look for a replacement bolt.

Rob got in the tool box to find a clip and some tools to get everything put back together.

Here you can see the bolt back in place, with it's clip, all ready to go again!

Here is my artistic shot of the day!

This is what it looked like after it was all mowed!  Mowed areas always look so lush!
What I didn't document in these pictures is the fact that the bolt broke once again, and thankfully we found another bolt to get it fixed!  It seems like anytime you have a task to do things always go wrong!

Have a wonderful Thursday!!


Akehia said...

Hi, and thanks for stopping by my blog. How exciting about your parents' anniversary too! I hope you have a great holiday weekend!

Kirsten said...

That tractor is ginormous! I want to drive one!

Mare said...

Thanks for stopping by! great site! Luv, Mare http://mare-itsjustmebeingme.blogspot.co