Furbabies N' More

This is Daisy, I'm helping her do her "Alien" impression!  Don't worry, she got lots of kisses afterwards!  Daisy is a lover of people food, and a huge purrer and snuggler.

This is her handsome brother, Simba.  Look at that face!!  Simba is hard to get to purr, and he is a natural hunter.  If you catch him while he's sleepy though, he'd love to snuggle!

"Awwwwwwww, mOOOOOm, this crazy ladies takin' muh picture again!!!"

Here is our lovely Dutchess, aka, Judge.  This isn't the most flattering picture, which is why I added this next one.

Much cuter!  As you can tell my animals are all sorts of unimpressed by cameras.  Dutchess is quiet, shy, and the most lovable puppy God ever made.  Literally.  I do believe she loves us both, but her favorite person is Rob!

Here's Duke!  You can tell he just woke up, and was also unimpressed by the camera.

Duke is definitely our gaurd dog, and protector.  He's fairy lazy, and loves to be with me basically all the time!  We call him the protector because when we're outside he never gets more than about 20 feet away.  Unlike Dutchess, Duke's favorite person is me.

I hesitated to add this.  As you all can tell that my kittens are eating on a blue willow plate!!  Hey, we don't take it when we go, and my kitties love blue willow, PLUS do you see the cute little kitten tongue!?  Oh my goodness, cute overload.
The rest of these are basically just nature shots from our super hot summer so far!

Queen Ann's Lace

The prettiest, fluffies fox tails I've ever seen!

Anyone know what type of birds those are?  I've never seen them before!

Here's a close up, sorry for the lack of quality, I was in "super zoom" mode!

The clematis!! Such beautiful flowers every year!!
So, I think that catches me up on almost all the pictures I've taken but not shared.  There will definitely be more to come by next Tuesday, as I will be taking quite a few firework pictures!!  We're doing a super simple 4th of July this year.  I think tomorrow we'll probably go buy some fireworks.  I think we're having brisket, potato salad, baked beans, chips and dip, and watermelon for the 4th!

I've been reading an awesome book.  I just got it two days ago and I'm already almost finished.  I'm a fast reader anyway, but it doesn't hurt that this book has been hard to put down!! I hope to get it finished up sometime this weekend and post a book review.

You will never guess what happened this evening!  Rob had just got home and we were talking, and I was cleaning my wedding ring.  Just so you can see what I'm talking about here is the front view and side view!

Just the other day, we were talking about my ring and I said I was glad the diamond was set into the ring.  I'm super hard on my ring, I told Rob if he ever bought me one it needed to be durable!  I got fishing in it, and I knead dough with them on, wash dishes, and go swimming.  Anyway, while I was cleaning the ring, the diamond just popped out!!  I couldn't believe it!  This is going to sound crazy, but I was SO THANKFUL it popped out!  We went swimming over the weekend in the lake, I could have completely lost it!  Instead it just came out in my hand.  We put it all together in a baggie and it's going to go off to Kay to get cleaned and repaired.

Have a wonderful Friday, and a super fun, and safe holiday weekend!

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