Take a Break!

Staying at home all day can be exhausting.  There are usually multiple tasks that need to be completed, and things have a tendency to not go as planned.  There are also weeks or longer that go by where you clean, do laundry, do dishes, declutter, where you take care of all the tasks that need to get done and you do it over, and over, and over again.  There are also times when you’re sick, or when you’re stressed.  A lot of wives and mothers have a tendency to keep working full force during these times.  However, I think it’s time we give ourselves a break!

Now, I’m not talking about going on strike.  I’m not talking about letting everything go, but sometimes we do need to take care of ourselves, so we can take care of everything else.  We have to rest and de-stress ourselves, so that we can better care for our husbands and children.  Taking a break, or taking time for yourself to recharge can look like many different ways.  Try to find one that works for you and your situation!  Here are some ideas…

1.       Take a long bath or shower, by yourself.  Shut the door, turn on some quiet music if you want, light some candles, and take plenty of deep breaths.
2.      Take a walk.  Exercising releases endorphins which make you happier, and exercising is also a natural stress reducer.  I find getting out of the house and going on a long walk, in the early morning or evening to be very relaxing.  Just walk, and enjoy your surroundings.  I’ve heard of something called prayer walking as well, where you pray while you walk!
3.      Quiet Time.  Making yourself a cup of coffee or tea, turning the tv, computer, maybe the radio off (or on) and relaxing in a comfy chair, reading a devotional, bible, or book can be very rejuvenating.  Maybe even doing this at a certain time each day, for 30 minutes or so, writing in your journal or jotting some things your thankful for down.
4.      Sleep.  Although this isn’t possible all the time, sometimes your body needs sleep.  Instead of denying yourself sleep, when possible take a nap or sleep in.  Sometimes giving yourself that extra sleep, is helping you the best you, you can be!  (that was kind of confusing!!)  In addition, if you are sick, your body needs sleep to fight infection.
5.      Go somewhere.  Sometimes you just need a change of pace to give yourself a break.  Maybe taking an hour or two to do some window shopping, or just driving to a coffee shop and indulging in a nice cup of coffee.
6.      Spa day!  I really believe this is something that can be very relaxing, and gives you some time to truly pamper yourself.  You could even include daughters, sisters, nieces, etc in on this as well.  Take a nice hot bath or shower, lounge in front of the TV in pajamas with a great, uplifting chick flick, and paint your nails!  This may not be something you can do all the time, but it is something that is not only relaxing, but makes you feel better about yourself as well.
7.      Make it wait.  Let’s say your husband gets home early from work, you are almost done doing dishes.  Your husband is telling you about his day, and asks you to come sit down and talk.  Instead of doing dishes and trying to listen, why not just leave the dishes?  They aren’t going to go anywhere, and your husband will appreciate your willingness to be with him.  Not to mention doing this with kids is very important.  How important will your child feel if you stop doing some cleaning or organizing, or put your entire days schedule on hold to go to the zoo?  That’s what memories are made of!

These are just a few ideas.  Women, take care of yourself!!  You are loved, and needed by the people in your life.  You have to take care of yourself, and let yourself relax and rest to be who you need to be for them!  Don’t hesitate to put down the feather duster, put the sponge under the sink, and leave a basket of clothes unfolded if you can make a memory, and restore your spirit instead!

((Yesterday I posted a picture post of the destruction from Joplin's recent tornado, you can click here to view it.))


Kirsten said...

I agree--it's good to take a break! Sometimes we get too involved in our work and don't leave time for play. :)

Sophie said...

mmm, #1 sounds almost impossible because we're not allowed to have candles in the dorms and I don't have a radio :) I always do #2 and 3 so thanks for the emphasis. #4 is becoming a problem haha. I've started going to bed at 4:00am and waking up much later. Why am I wake? Reading, school, movies...so I should try and change that!! Good post though :)

The Atypical Housewife said...

Sophie, I totally understand going to bed at 4:00! Well, in a way, my husband works from 3 in the afternoon to midnight, and doesn't get home till about 1 in the morning. I'm always up at the oddest times! Not to mention I have difficulty shutting my mind of to get to sleep often as well!