Busy Bee

I feel so busy!!

I have cleaning to do today.  Tomorrow my husband I are doing some window shopping, and then, we will hopefully come home and veg out.  Sunday we're going to go to church, my parents are coming over for lunch, and then the rest of the family is gathering here to fish and camp.  Memorial day will be camping, fishing, and coming home.  We're unsure if Rob gets Memorial day off yet or not.  Along with this weekend being busy, I have a birthday party I'm planning for Rob's mom for June 25th, and then the next weekend we're having my mom and dads 25th anniversary party.  I have a lot of planning and preparing, and organizing, and brain storming for the anniversary party!  And with Rob's moms party just adds a little more busyness!  Oh and Father's day!  I also have some other things I've been brainstorming, but I don't want to mention it on my blog just yet!  I'm going to end this post by sharing some pictures, enjoy!

One of many...many bullfrogs in the pond!
Dutchess investigating something in the water...creepy!

Lovely catfish I caught, and curious puppies in the background.

Was fishing and heard a weird noise, tried to take a picture to see what it was, but this is all I got!  I had to get closer to investigate!

It was a snake eating a frog!!  Talk about getting the heebie jeebies!

I wasn't sure what type of snake it was, but as you can see it had some stripes.

See this pretty flower bush?  There's a surprise inside!

A spit bug is making itself a spitty little home!

Isn't that crazy? It really looks like someone spit on it.  Do you have spit bugs where you live?

There were spit bubbles on more than one branch.

Pretty flowers!

Flowers and thorns!

Gooseberry bush!!

An actual gooseberry!  They are extremely sour, but lots of people make pies out of them!

This caterpillar was munching on the gooseberries!
Have a great Friday, and a wonderful weekend everyone!

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Amber @ Lucky Lees to Be ♥ said...

OH MY GOODNESS! That is a water mocassin my dear, otherwise known as a cottonmouth. It's extremely dangerous and venomous...please be careful and watch those puppies!!! Snakes LOVE frogs, the more frogs, the more snakes. AHHHH! I hope you never have to encounter it again, and if you do, SHOOT IT!