Sorry I haven't posted recently!!

Sunday after church, my husband and I went home to get things ready for my mom to come over.  When we got home, I decided to pick some of the flowers in the front yard that are bloomed and ridiculously pretty!  I left my high heels in the car and went bare-footed like I do nearly everyday of my life.  As I cut the first flower, I felt a pain in my toe!  I knew instantly it was a bee.  I went on about my business and got my flowers.  The rest of the day went well.  We had a "camp" out with our family where no one actually camped out!  Rob and I caught about 9 fish, and we had a bonfire and ate.  My pointer toe had swollen some, and was painful, but not unmanageable.  By Monday however, my toe was so swollen it wouldn't bend, as were my other toes, and the entire top of my foot was swollen!  Not to mention how badly it itched!!  It got so swollen I couldn't walk on it right!  Monday night I started taking benadryl and ibuprofen together to take care of swelling, itching and pain, and finally today, things are almost back to normal!!  My things are still a little swollen, but not too bad.  I can walk normally!!!  I would have posted sooner, but when I take benadryl it literally knocks me out!! I've slept more in the last two days than I thought possible!!

Hope everyone had a great Memorial day weekend!!

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aimymichelle said...

wow that really sucks about the bee. benedryle knocks me out too. i only have to take one pill and i'm out.