Today is the day!  Kittens are going to new homes.  My mom has a friend who works at a pet shop just a few minutes from her house.  They said they would take the kittens and find them new homes.  I like this better than just giving them to strangers or selling them on craigslist.  I feel as though through a pet shop they have a better chance of finding good homes.

We were wrangling the kittens together today to put them in a carrier to bring them to my moms.  We were also taking the time to figure out which one we were going to keep.  We had known from the beginning we would be keeping one, but unsure of who.  After spending 8 weeks loving 7 kittens, it's hard to pick just one!  Rob was trying to ask me which one I liked most, and I was so sad and unsure I said I didn't know, and I just couldn't decide.  There were two in particular I was struggling to choose, and he said just keep them both.  So, instead of keeping one we have two.

I still feel sad though!!  I know these kittens will go to great homes, but it still feels like I'm losing 5 little heart pieces!  It's not like this comes as any surprise, I knew from the beginning they were going to new homes, but you just never expect to feel so sad.  I know once I leave the pet shop, I'll be ok, but until then, I'm just feeling sad!!  And silly for feeling so sad!  Pray for me!!

Hope everyone has a great Thursday!

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