The Take Action Bible

The Take Action Bible
New King James Version

The Take Action Bible is full of inspiration and awesome ideas.  In a lot of ways this is just like a traditional, every day bible.  There are also a lot of things that make this bible more than an average bible.  One of the first things I noticed was the illustrations.  They are beautiful, and glossy.  In these illustrations it shows pictures of people who are taking action in our world, and showing the love of God through actions.  There are five clusters of illustrations that show people who are changing lives.  From children, teens, adults, older adults and groups of people.  Each illustration has a picture, a bible verse, and a short story of the individuals.  Then on the next page it has a space for two questions for you to answer to inspire you to take action!  I got goose bumps reading these peoples stories and their love for God and others.  There are also beautiful maps in the back of the book as well!  In addition to the illustrations and stories, there is also a section in the back that gives you 52 Action Ideas, one for each week of the year.  What’s better is the ideas are things that are easily accomplished by everyone, regardless of your financial means.  There are simple things like picking up trash, to buying and handing out a bible to a stranger.  The last thing I noticed that I really enjoyed about this bible, is the explanations to the different books of the bible.  For example, before Genesis it has a page that states Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, and Deuteronomy are part of The Pentateuch, which are the first five books of the bible, and they are called, “Torah”.  That’s something I hadn’t seen in a bible before.  It also tells a bit about each book and who wrote it. Overall I am very satisfied with this bible, and I’m extremely happy to have picked it to read!  I would definitely suggest it to others!

((I am a member of BookSneeze, and was given this book for free to review, this has not impacted my view on the book I read, and is my honest opinion))

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