Love At Last Sight

Love At Last Sight
Kerry & Chris Shook

When I first picked it out for some reason I thought it was a 30 day devotional for couples.  However, once I received it I realized it was a book about any relationships in your life that you wanted to improve.  The book is broken into four different weeks.
Week 1:  The Art of Being All There
Week 2:  The Art of Acting Intentionally
Week 3:  The Art of Risking Awkwardness
Week 4:  The Art of Letting Go
This book also explains the three stages of love, what they entail, and how to reach the ultimate destination of love at last sight.
One of the reasons I truly enjoyed and like about this book is the fact it’s not just for couples, or just for teens.  It’s a book that helps you decide on the relationships that mean the most to you and focusing on enriching and enhancing those relationships.  It explains how to fight fairly, how to truly listen and focus, and how to go out of your way to truly try to be there in your relationships.  Each day you read a section that is about 5 pages long, and then there is a Love at Last Sight challenge to complete.  The tasks are easy but make you think about your relationships.  They also give you access to their website to get additional help and advice.
Overall, I would recommend this book to others.  Whether you want to work at your relationship with your husband, wife, mother, father, child, or any other person who matters to you, this is a great book to help you do just that!
((I am a member of Blogging for Books, and was given this book for free to review, this has not impacted my view on the book I read, and is my honest opinion))

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