I feel like I'm being such a bad blogger!!  Things have been way, way, way too busy to keep up with blogging.  We found out today that the septic system is full.  And we also have to replace some pipes as well that were old and collapsed.  Hopefully, tomorrow it'll get taken care of and we'll have working plumbing!! I will never take plumbing for advantage ever again!!  I have dishes to wash, tons of laundry, and floors to mop, all of which have been neglected due to not having the ability to use the water much.  In addition to the difficulties associated with plumbing, we've gotten some somewhat bad news as well.  My husband isn't going to be able to take the day position.  We had some unexpected financial changes and we wouldn't be able to afford the switch from nights to days.  It's disappointing but I know this is just a season to life.  I've continuously had this urge in create some type of income for my family without having a traditional outside the home job.  I feel as though God has something he wants me to do, I just haven't found it yet.

The only other exciting news is our kittens are 4 weeks old!!  All eyes are opened, ears are standing up, and they've started playing with each other.  I had to relocate them to a homemade playpen because they've been so active!!  I will get some pictures to share soon!!

Hope everyone out there in blogger land is doing well!

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