A few days ago, I did some laundry.  The drains gurgled in the bathroom, and the toilet didn't want to flush.  It was annoying, but about a month ago we had the same problem and it resolved itself.  That same night, we got a massive rain, and I awoke the next day to find standing water in our three floor drains and our kitchen flooded.  We told my dad who knows how the plumping and things work around here.  We found a crushed line leading away from the septic tank and were hoping that was the problem.  It wasn't.  Water is still standing in the drains, and I can't do laundry, dishes, etc.  Tonight is another hard rain.  My kitchen is flooded, my bedroom is flooding, and water is getting higher in the drains!!  Tomorrow someone is coming to dip up the septic tank because we're fairly sure that's the problem.  Until then, I'm going to invest in some floaties and hope for the best I guess.

Pray for us!!!

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