I remember the first time I saw my now husband.  It was just a brief glance at church, where we both looked at each other.  Weird thing was, I couldn't shake that look.  It resonated within my thoughts and memories.  It's almost as if at that moment, I just saw him with my eyes, but my soul, recognized him for what he was, my soul mate.  I remember the day I realized I liked him.  I was with my parents, and my mom was lecturing me about being responsible around Rob, because I was older than him I would have more influence over him, and he may look up to me and have a crush on me.  I laughed at her, and I told her there was no way I would ever be involved with him.  Funny thing was as the words left my lips I realized I was lying.  I already liked him.  I remember the first time he said I love you, I told him he didn't.  Later he admitted I was right, that he hadn't loved me then, he just thought he did.  By the time he realized that, not only did he love me, but I loved him.  I remember the first time I cried with him.  We'd been together most of the day, and something happened that hurt me.  I told him I was fine and I was going home.  Just 5 minutes away I called and said I was coming back.  When I got back, I cried, and he held me.  I remember realizing he was the piece that rounded me out and completed me.  When I was shy, he was my voice, when I was weak he was my strength.  After an abusive relationships I couldn't stand by myself, I couldn't be ok.  I grasped God spiritually and Rob, he protected me physically, mentally, emotionally.  When it was too much, when the world was too much, he took the load.  He never complained, never stood back.  He never complained that he had to fix what another person broke.  He just loved me, all of me.  I remember the first time we ever really spent time together he made me laugh.  A real laugh.  I had been faking my laughs, but with him, he made me laugh so effortlessly.  I remember him asking me to marry him.  I was so happy, and excited.  I could think of nothing more exciting then being his wife.  I remember when it really hit me, just months before our wedding, when I realized the actuality of what was happening.  The preacher who married us look at Rob, and said, "She will be YOUR wife."  It was a powerful moment.  I was going to be a wife!!  I remember walking out the door the day of my wedding and seeing my almost husband.  I bit my lip to keep from crying, and he was crying.  It took everything in me to keep from crying, but I knew if I started, things weren't going to be pretty!  I remember getting in the car, and starting out on our first road trip together for our honeymoon.  I remember the early days of our marriage where sleeping with my husband was difficult.  He had a habit of slapping/hitting me in his sleep and talking about weird things. (i.e. "I like blue trucks!")  I remember so much about got us to where we are.  It amazes me there's going to be so many more things to add to this.  Like when we buy our first house, and have our first child.  I feel so lucky, and privileged to have the honor of being the wife, to the utter perfect man for me.

I'm sorry you guys for such a mushy sappy post, but it'd really been on my heart and mind, and I just had to write it.  What are your cherished memories in regards to your spouse?


Missy said...

What a beautiful and heartfelt post! I love the "when I was shy he was my voice, when I was weak he was my strength" part. Just beautiful! Its so true how husband and wife round he other out and help to hold each other up in the hard times. :)

aimymichelle said...

that post was seriously amazing. almost made me cry. could be cause i'm watching a chick flick that is sorta emotional. but still.

i don't have a spouse but with the boy i feel the same way. its so weird that he brings out of me a level of comfort that no one has. i know i can be myself with my best friend and not be scared of it.