I swear I meant to blog the other day, but then I got busy, and I forgot!!  Agh.  I have a feeling the month of April is going to be a bit busier than usual.  This weekend we're making mini greenhouses for my sprouts.  Then next weekend we're road tripping about three hours from where we live with my parents.  My parents are picking up my aunt and bringing her back here to visit for a week, and my husband and I are picking up his moms car which we are buying from her.  This is a huge blessing for us.  My car, which he has been driving 45 miles to and from work is slowly dying!!  Then the next weekend is Easter, and I know we're having a birthday party and Easter Sunday along with our normal Easter celebration.  Who knows the entries that may be in store over the coming month!!  Anyway, here is some sweetness to make up for a lack of posts...

Seriously, these guys are way too cute for their own good!  They are all doing wonderful.  They have actually been pretty noisy and rather feisty!! Yesterday I could hear them and I was quite a ways away so I went in to see what was wrong and two kittens were slapping at each other!!

In addition to keeping an eye on the kittens and gushing over how cute they are, I've tried to get caught up on laundry, and make it a habit to keep the kitchen clean.  These two things never end as far as I'm concerned!  I need to be more disciplined and make sure all the dishes are done, and counters and tables are clean before bed, and then each morning I need to start a load of laundry first thing.  The worse part, is you wouldn't think I'd do much laundry.  It's just husband and I.  However, let me show you what I deal with.

This pair of jeans was from his first week or so of work!  This is not including shirts, and just him.  You can imagine how many towels, washcloths, etc I have to wash!!  Curious as to those doggie legs?!

Hmm, you can see doggie and now you can see some type of rat tail...hmmm....

Oh silly me!! It's just Dutchess (she lays like that all the time) and Sparta!!

Well, I know I'll be buried under laundry today, what is everyone else doing?!

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