Well, as you can tell I've made some changes around here!  I changed my name.  When I originally created this blog I couldn't think of a name I liked.  So I just went with Mrs. Tillery.  Just recently I decided on what I wanted my "name" to be, so I've changed it.  If you want to learn a bit on why I chose what I did check out my about me section!

I've also have created my facebook page and a twitter page!  I feel a little behind the times on creating these things, but better late than never.  Feel free to like me on facebook or follow me on twitter!!  Here are the links...


I've spent today at my parents while Rob was at work.  It's been a really nice relaxing day.  It's always nice coming to my parents, it is my childhood home where I spent all of my life!  It always has the same smell and feel.  I hope to offer that to my children some day.  Tomorrow I will also be having a pretty eventful day!  It's supposed to be in the 60's which is a wonderful change.  I am hoping Rob and I will do some fishing tomorrow morning, and then we're creating some mini green houses for our sprouts so they can get out and enjoy the sun!  I'll try to take some pictures as well.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday!!

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