So yesterday, on our daily walk, the dogs had some fun swimming and hunting for gopher, and we also found something interesting as well, so we thought we'd take pictures and show the world!

Here is Dutchess getting out of the water...

And there goes Duke out of the water!

This is the picture of what we call the "little" pond.  It's usually the pond we camp at and go fishing.

This picture was taken in the "big" pond.  I saw a lone goose swimming all by itself!

Then I saw this in the distance.  I couldn't really tell what it was.

I zoomed in as close as I could and this is what I got.  I almost didn't go over to check it out, but the dogs were having fun so I decided why not?

When I got closer I couldn't believe my eyes!!  Do you see it yet?!

A goose!  She was laying on her nest.  She sure does a great job blending in, minus the black head.

I thought it was really cool because she blended in so well, and her nest was very inconspicuous. You never would have known there was a nest there except for the fact she was there.  Of course about this time my dogs noticed the goose, and chased her off.  They both got in trouble though. 

I snapped this one picture of her eggs, and I shooed the dogs away.  However, drama in the pond had just started!!

Another 3 geese landed with the pair that were swimming around.  The daddy goose obviously didn't like this and started chasing them all away!

They were being super noisy! I'd never heard geese so loud.  Daddy goose chased the other geese away one at a time.

It was a very interesting experience.  Sorry if any of the pictures was blurry or hard to see!  There was a lot of action going on.

It makes me wonder what I may see today when we go on a walk.  I've made the decision I may as well just take my camera everywhere with me.  Who knows whats going to be next!!

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