Guess What

Guess what I woke up to find in my closet this morning?!

Our stray we found, Stella, had her kittens.  We had assumed she was pregnant, but we didn't think she was 7 kittens pregnant!!  There are two black kittens, one gray striped kitten, and 4 that look just like their mommy!  I had to get all the kittens and mommy out of the closet and relocated them in our bathroom, the quietest warmest spot we have.  All the kittens seem to be doing great.  It'll be fun to watch them grow but hard to let them go!!

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Emily said...

eek! those kittens are so adorable! Just stopping by from the UBP- your blog is so cute! Feel free to stop by mine and check it out- http://girlof1000faces.blogspot.com. Great to meet you!