Why I Married My Spouse

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Haven’t we all asked ourselves that question before?!  You know, when they do that thing only they do, that drives you nuts!  So really, why did you marry your spouse?  Good looks? Humor? Money?!  (Ha, the plot thickens!)  I married my lovely husband for quite a few reasons.  Here they are, in particular order!
1.        He made me laugh.  Sounds simple enough, right?  I hung out with Rob about a month after getting out of a mentally/emotionally abusive relationship.  The last 2 years of my life I had spent being broken.  I was faking my way through life.  I wasn’t really enjoying myself.  I hung out with Rob, and he made me laugh.  It was like a drink of water in a desert.  To this day, he makes me laugh like no one I’ve ever known.  I can be so angry at him, or about to cry, and he will make me laugh.
2.       He accepted who I was.  He embraced who I was, all of me.  The parts of me that weren’t so pretty, like when I get snippy over little stupid things.  He accepted the fact that I have weird habits.  I admit I like to sometimes dip my pizza in ranch dressing.  When he saw me do this however, he didn’t look at me like I sprouted a third eye, he just accepted that was me, and we went on about our business accepting each other!
3.       He was an exception to the rule.  I’ve known a lot of guys.  I’ve known them as friends.  I know how their brains work.  It made me very fearful to trust him.  I told him what I found acceptable in our relationship.  He agreed, and it was never an issue.  There were a few slip ups, but he told me immediately.  I can trust in him, and know he won’t hurt me, that he is protecting my heart.
4.       He never gave up.  Getting in a relationship with Rob wasn’t easy.  I had a lot of hurts and trust issues.  I didn’t want to get hurt again, so I would withdraw and tell him to back off.  He was the only man I’ve ever known who not only didn’t back away; he just took a step closer.
5.       He is a man.  What I mean by that is I at times think I’m right when I’m wrong.  Or, I’m being mean or snippy.  Instead of my husband just taking it, and letting me tirade about like Godzilla, he tells me I’m being dumb/immature/like my mom.  It makes me angry, but he’s right and it makes me re-evaluate how I’m reacting.  I love the fact he isn’t passive, but he can and is outspoken at times.
I guess I should have labeled this the top 5 reasons I love my spouse!  So, everyone out in blogger land, why do you love your spouse?!

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