Busy Dizzy

Geez, it's 11:00 in the morning but it feels like 7:00 AM!  My husband works a second shift, he usually gets home at about 1 AM, and we're known for partying it up until 4-6 AM.  We usually sleep until about 2 PM or so.  I had to wake up early today because I have procrastinated!  My sisters birthday was last year.  Instead of buying her a gift, I've been embroidering a set of dish towels.  I had to wake up early today to get them finished so I can give them to her tonight at my nieces 13th birthday party!  So, this may or may not be my post of the day.  I do hope to take some pictures of the towels I did finish so you guys can see though!  Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!!

This embroidery deal was much more difficult than I imagined!!  I worked all morning and still didn't get finished.  So I've decided to maker her a nice lunch on Sunday after church and I'm hoping and praying that I'll have everything completed by then!!

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