Sorry it’s been so long since a post!  We had a busy weekend, then yesterday I worked on getting things tidied from the weekend, and taking some time for myself.  It was much needed.  I just barely got done with my sisters’ gift.  Of course I totally forgot to take pictures!!  I however, do have pictures of the dish towel I made myself.  It’s part of a set that’s not quite finished.  I really enjoy embroidery.  It gives my hands something to do, it’s not something I have to really focus on, and it makes the cutest little things ever!!  I love the vintage quality of embroidery.  Here is my very first dish towel done!

The entire set has the same type of dog which I’m doing in black to represent my lovely furr babies.  The next one I’m working on and need to finish is this one!

How cute is he with his green beans!  In other news, I recently got my very first android phone.  Can I say I am absolutely in love?!  We are currently with Virgin Mobile.  It’s a prepaid service that runs on the Sprint network.  I have 300 minutes, unlimited text, and unlimited data usage for just 25.00 dollars a month!!!  So with hubby included it’s 50 dollars.  Given we did have to pay more than most people for a phone, but such a low monthly price really, really makes me happy!  So with my amazing new phone, I can download all these super cools apps.  I am like, an app addict!  I have a few favorite apps at the moment and I thought I’d share what they were.

Angry Birds!
If you have a phone where you can get apps, and you do not have this app, you should get it!  It’s a very addictive game!  Basically some pigs stole these birds eggs, so the birds want their eggs back.  So for each level you slingshot your birds at the pigs and kill them to move to the next level.  I like this game because it’s easy at first, but gets pretty difficult.  I also have a bad habit of beating games really quickly which just isn’t possible with this!  It has TONS of levels!  I would strongly suggest downloading this.
Omigoodness.  Let me just say I love reading.  I read very quickly as well so it’s not unusual for me to get done with a book of some length in just days versus weeks or months.   I wasn’t sure if I would really use this app, but since downloading it I’ve already read an entire book!  There are other apps out there that let you read books, I picked the Kindle app because amazon.com makes things so easy!  They have all the popular classics for free, and to download them you just get on your computer, and click to download.  They also have a selection of promotional books for cheap or for free as well.  Right now I have an interesting selection, I have everything from Aesop’s Fables, to Alice and Wonderland to Dracula.  I love having this on my phone because no matter where I am I have a whole collection of books, and it’s great for when I’m not tired at night.  I can lay and bed and read.
Recently I saw Amber at Lucky Lees To Be rave about something for her iPhone called Instagram.  I knew that wouldn’t be available for my android, but I decided to check and see what was available!  I found Vignette.  It’s amazing.  I haven’t got any photos to show, but I will get some soon.  It has SO many options!!  It’s just so cool.  You can make things look vintage, smooth skin tones, make negatives and switch one color for another.  I have a feeling I’ll be using this a ton during the summer!
Color Flashlight!
This is a simple, but awesome app.  It shows a bright white display that covers your entire phone screen to enable your phone as a flashlight.  You can also use other colors although white is the most effective.  It also has some cool effects, like you can write a message to be displayed; you can have a strobe light, emergency and police lights, disco lights, and a cool mesmerizing spiral!
Alarm Clock Xtreme!
This is an alarm clock app.  I really, really like this alarm, because it’s very customizable.  It’s simple to use, and best of all, you have to do math equations to get it to turn off!!   For someone like me, or especially my husband who can press snooze without being awake, this is very handy.  It ensures your awake and know what you’re doing before you turn off your alarm.

Ok, I’m finished with the worlds longest post!! Hope everyone has a great day!!

P.S.  There is a new post on Mrs. Tillerys Kitchen.  It’s a recipe/tutorial for a delicious chocolate cake, go here to check it out!!

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