Sorry I haven't blogged until now!!

The last two days have been fairly eventful.  Friday night husband and I worked on getting some gardening things done together.  We were making some signs for where things were to be planted.  We have a shop that is just full of scrap wood, and saws, nails, screws, anything and everything you could think of.  So all of our items were recycled.  We were out in the shop for quite awhile, and it had gotten dark outside.  We had our lovely dogs with us, and there is a door on the shop so they are kinda stuck with us!  So Rob, (my husband) was going to do some welding, and I decided to take the dogs out so they could go potty and run around a bit in the darkness.  We live on quite a bit of land, and when we go out they usually run, potty, do whatever.  So we went outside, everyone pottyed, and I went up to the house to check on some of the plants I've started.  I needed to check and see if they should be watered, or not and I took the dogs with me.  The plants are in the garage, so I brought the dogs into the garage with me and shut the door and checked my plants.  (No sprouts yet!)  I was in the garage for maybe 10 minutes, and I was done and left the garage.  When I opened the door to the garage to leave, Rob was walking up towards the house.  I was asking what he was doing.  Apparently, not very long after I went into the garage with our dogs, my husband heard tons of dogs barking, crying, and yelping.  He thought it was our dogs and they got in a fight with coyotes or who knows what out in the dark!  He was going towards the sound but obviously it was pitch black and he couldn't see anything.  Then he saw the light in the garage was on.  He said the sounds were incredibly close!  I had suspected we had some coyotes that were close, but the are apparently MUCH closer than we thought!!  Not long after this experience we decided to keep our dogs super close and go ahead and go inside!!

Saturday we woke up fairly early.  I.E. noon!  We rototilled our garden area.  Err, my husband rototilled while I watched the dogs to make sure they stayed fairly close.  My boy dog Duke, is what we call our protector.  He stays within 10-15 feet of me almost constantly.  He's always peering out into the distance as if he is actually watching for danger!!  He's at least 70 pounds, possible 80 due to some extra chubbyness over the winter!  (Everyone says he's gotten fat, and I refuse to acknoweldge he is fat, just a little chubby cause it's been cold!!)  Duke is not one I worry about much outside.  He doesn't much like other dogs and I know if he got in a fight he would do ok.  ((He got in a fight with a pit bull once and had no injuries to show for it))  Dutchess our lovely girl dog, is what we call our hunter.  When we got her she was so timid, and shy, and she has the gentlest spirit I have EVER seen.  When were absolutely astonished when we realized how brutal she was when hunting for gophers.  My Duke, the protector, doesn't know how to kill a gopher.  Dutchess on the other hand is vicious!  She also has a tendency to roam.  I have to constantly call her, or go look for her.  We're going to be getting some tie outs so that when I am working in the garden I don't have to worry about what they are doing!  So anyways, Rob got things rototilled and then we collaborated on where to plant what.  We got 7 things planted.  3 types of lettuce, beets, radishes, spinach, and peas.  I am so happy to have gotten those done!  While we planted we had a brisket slow roasting on our charcoal grill.  That's what was for supper, in front of our fire pit with smores for dessert!!  It got dark quickly, and as we were halfway through with our smores we heard coyotes howling and fighting in the dark not too far away!! Talk about creepy.  I have a feeling we won't be camping outside too much in the summer!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!!

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