Spring Cleaning

For the first time in my adult life, I am doing some spring cleaning.  Last night, for some reason or another I got the urge to go through each room, and write down exactly what needed to be cleaned, sorted, organized for each room.  My list seems to be pretty long.  I was really feeling it las night and I spring cleaned our bathroom!!  Our bathroom is pretty tiny.  I had a tall cabinet set in it to hold bathroom products, nail polish, perfume, etc.  I hated this shelf, but I hadn't done anything about it because I was unsure of how to change it.  I didn't want to spend money buying cutesy storage containers, and I couldn't fathom making them.  Then the idea hit me.  Why do I need that cabinet?  Why do I need that much room?  I went through and threw out everything that was old and would most likely NEVER be used again.  Other items, that I new I wouldn't use, but could be good for someone else, I put in plastic sacks.  Family can have them, or good will, but I don't need them!  I got a small basket to hold things for us in the shower, shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, razors etc, I organized all our medicines, my make up, and other bathroom items like straightners, and curlers and made them all fit in our cabinet under the sink!  Then I took the tall cabinet out completely.  It literally almost echos in our bathroom and I LOVE it.  Now I just need some fresh paint throughout the room.  I am so excited to have this room completed.  Now I just have a bajillion other rooms/areas to do!  I really want to declutter as much as possible, and stop being so disorganized when it comes to putting things away or keeping things I don't need.  If I don't need it, I need to get rid of it!  So, until I get finsihed, there may be a lack in blogging because I'll be basking in my bathroom, enjoying it's newfound perfection!!

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