How To Show Love

My husband and I have been together 5 years and 4 months.  We know eachother ridiculously well.  We recently decided to make ourselves a new financial budget.  We wanted to put a bit more in savings, etc.  We both wanted to write it, so we both took a piece of paper and wrote down how much of everything and where it went.  My husband read off his list, and it was the exact same as mine, except I forgot one thing!  This happens frequently for us.  We tend to think the same things, and say the same things, or finish eachothers sentences.  When we had our premarital counceling the pastor said we knew eachother so well, he would have swore we had gone over the answers before hand!!  Now, with all this being said, we still don't know enough.  I want my husband to feel loved as much as humanly possible.  I want to feel loved in the same manner.  I know I won't always feel loved, and he won't either.  It's just part of being mere humans.  However, I want to try as hard as I can at showing him I love him.  A few months ago, I did some googling, and found this... 100 Ways You Can Love Your Husband HIS Way  It's a really great list of things I may not have ever guessed at.  When I originially found this, I printed one for him and me.  (There is also a list of 100 Ways You Can Love Your Wife Her Way)  I marked all the ways I would feel love on mine, and he did the same on his and then we switched.  Of course I'm pretty sure we both lost those papers within three seconds!  So, I'm reprinting them, and I'm going to find a safe home for them!

Relationships really are like little organisms.  They are always changing, evolving, getting more or less complicated.  We have to feed them, and constantly work at them!  In the end, however, they are always worth it!  Take a look at the above articles.  They may at least give you some ideas on how to make your spouse feel even MORE loved than they already were!

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