It's December?

I have been waiting for this month to get here since before Halloween, not that it's here, I just want to tell it to slow down!  With everything that's happened with my  mom, and with me not feeling well, nothing has gone as I had expected it.  Which just reaffirms my expect nothing policy!  Geez.  This last Tuesday, my husband and I went to a tree farm for the first time. (I hate, hate, hate the fact that my retarded, stupid, camera won't work!  I would have taken pictures, but nooooo.) ((Yes, a camera is on my Christmas list!))  It was only 30 or so degrees while we were there.  It was super cold.  We walked around forever looking for "the" tree.  I really loved this particular type of tree.  It looked fluffy.  But they had all been chosen.  I could have settled for one that was about 5 and a half feet, but that just wouldn't do.  Eventually, I just looked at a tree and said, "It's big, it's tall, it's ugly, it's perfect".  And we cut it down and away we went.  We got home, and set it up, and it's almost too tall, and to say the least, it is very full.  Once decorated though, it's magically transformed.  We used lots of multi colored mini lights, and put all our ornaments on.  Then we added lots, and lots of tinsel.  I love tinsel.  Maybe not all people do, but I love it.  It makes trees look so beautiful and magical.  I really wish I was able to get a picture to share!

Today, I plan on cleaning, and decorating the rest of the house.  My grandmother had a Santa collection, which my mom had, and now I have part of it, and my mom has some of it too.  I have tons and tons of various Santas.  I need to find them all homes out and about, and I have some lights to put up, and who knows what else!

In completely unrelated news, I've been thinking a lot about sustainability.  For the last few years, going green, and eating organic have been plastered all over the place.  I've long thought this was ridiculousness.  I long thought our food gotten from stores was safe.  It may be chemical laden, in some ways or another, but our bodies could take it.  If the generations before us could live this way, so could we.  Not too many months ago, I realized this isn't how it used to be.  Back in the day, people had gardens and orchards, they planted their food, and harvested their food.  They raised the meat they intended to eat, or bought it from a neighbor.  There were some things they did buy, like flour and sugar, but even those things weren't as processed as what we have today.  Since I realized this, a need has been placed on my heart to become self sustainable.  I want to grow my own veggies, and I want to raise my own meat.  I want to eat real foods, not chemical laden foods.  I want to be healthy, and strong.  Right now, it's winter.  I have no ability to grow anything.  I do believe this spring however, I will be planting a garden.  I want to grow it all, and I want to can and freeze all the things we can't eat.  I have never canned before, my my mom and dad have.  I want to learn how to do these things.  My goals, are that in 2011 I will plant, tend, and harvest my own vegetable garden.  I will learn to can and freeze, and also learn how to get my husband to eat veggies!  In 2012, I am hoping to have a house on some acreage.  I want to plant my garden, and also raise chickens and goats.  Chickens for their eggs, not really their meats, and goats to take care of all the grass.  ((And cause they are cute, and I think it would be cool to own goats))  I would also, love to have a few cows.  I don't know if that would happen as soon as 2012 however.  I would love to have a cow for milking, but I don't know if I'm ready for the killing parts.  But, I'll wait until we get there to worry about that.  I probably sound like a crazy person talking about milking cows, and growing veggies, it is the 21st century ya know!

Well, I have to get cleaning.  I'll blog more soon hopefully!

(((Also, thanks for praying for my mother, she gets to start walking around today, and should be released by Monday!)))

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