Week 1: My Favorite Things

((So, so, so sorry for not being on time!))

This week, focus on your favorite part about being a wife or a woman.  Celebrate it!  Spend extra time this week focusing on that aspect of your life.

 This is actually fairly difficult to write about!  There are many things I love about being a wife and woman.  I love being a wife because of the companionship.  My husband and I are best friends.  I feel so special, and so lucky to have such a strong bond with my husband.  We can literally finish each other sentences.  No matter where I go, or what I do, I know I am not alone.  I have God, and I have an amazing husband.

I love being a woman, because it is in so many ways, complimentary to men.  I love being the softness to my husbands roughness, I love how powerful I am as a woman, but how delicate and fragile I am as well.

As a way to celebrate these things, I plan to finish the week by spending as much time I can with my husband.  I also want to remind myself daily that I am a strong, beautiful, and unique woman, and I need to remember to take care of myself.  Before my husband gets home I will get dressed in nice clothes, do my hair, so I not only feel pretty, but I look pretty as well.

Next weeks challenge:  My favorite thing about my husband (or family).

((Hopefully I'll be on time!!))

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