And, The Day Begins

It is now 6:30 AM.  I've been awake for about an hour now.  I cooked breakfast for Rob, and woke him up, and he just left for work.  Waking my darling husband is quite the event.  I don't know if any other ladies out there has this problem, but I do!!  When the alarm goes off, I have to shake him, for what seems like forever, and I tell him to press snooze.  The following are a list of just some of the things he has said...

"I already did!" (he says this while the alarm is still going off)
"Why don't YOOOOOU press the BUTTON?!" (the alarm is on HIS side of the bed!)
And then this is my favorite one...

"It's on your side of the bed, I moved it!" (no, it wasn't on my side, he didn't move it!!)

((He doesn't remember saying any of these things, btw))

Not to mention, he has a tendency to talk a ton while sleeping.  He will laugh, and tell me he likes blue trucks, and he has gotten on to our dog, who was sleeping at the time!  The weirdest thing he does that I recently noticed, is he will sit up in bed, lean over on one of his arms, and keep sleeping.  Who does that?!  I have to literally walk over to him, and force him to lay down.  And he still won't lay down!  He will open his eyes, look at me, and struggle to stay sitting up!!

It's absolute craziness.  I wish he could just get up get dressed and go, but every morning err, almost every morning it's like the three ring circus around here.  But would I have it any other way? I guess not.  When I make breakfast we always eat in bed.  I can't imagine we would ever be able to have breakfast at the table.  Our dogs just love it though, because they know they get left overs.  I think they enjoy being served as well!

This is Duke.  I got him in May of 2008.  My cat had died, and I was extremely sad.  My mom, my sister, and I drove 45 minutes to see him.  He was with his brothers and sisters and they were all playing in the grass in the rain.  I picked him because he was getting picked on by his siblings.  The lady said he was schipperke, min pin mix, and he should be about 20 pounds full grown.  He weighs about 70 now, and assume he is some type of lab mix.  He was the first boy dog I ever owned, and I don't think I've ever loved a dog like I love him!  My husband is jealous because of Duke and I's bond.  Duke listens to me, and loves on me all the time, but has a tendency to think he's the boss, not my husband!
 Last year, after getting married and being home just one week, we went out and adopted Duke a sister.  The only other dogs in Dukes life were my moms dogs, who were about 12 years old, and they were both tiny.  Duke tried to play with them, but only hurt them on accident.  Rob picked her out.  We named her Dutchess.  She was so, so, scared and timid.  And she was super fat and bloated.  Apparently the night we adopted her, she had gotten into the adult dogs food and ate and ate and ate!  To this day, she is still timid, and the sweetest dog I have ever met!
 I had to throw in this picture of Duke, Dutchess and Teddy.  Teddy is my moms cocker spaniel mix.  Just look at him and your heart melts!!  Teddy and Dutchess play constantly when they are together.  I will probably talk about Teddy, cause he is so cute and adorable.
This is a picture of Dutchess sitting between Rob and me on the couch.  She is just too cute.  Have I mentioned she is super sweet too?

 This is another one of my darling Duders!
 Last but not least!  This is our kitty.  We rescued him from living under my moms house.  He is like a siamese tabby mix.  You can't tell but he has light blue eyes.  He loves me, and hates my husband!!  It's awfully funny, cause Rob wants to love him so bad, but the cat always runs away.  Oh, and his name is Sparta.  And yes, he is a mean kitty!

Ok, well, I've wasted enough time for now!  I need to do some cleaning today, because Rob is off for the next three.  ((I think, unless he does some overtime!))

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