Well, That Was Unexpected

Life literally has a way of changing things within a matter of seconds.

The plans for Thanksgiving this year were all set out.  I would be going to my sisters today, and then I would be hosting Thanksgiving at my moms for our entire family on Saturday (all 23 or so of us)  ((It's really hard to keep track!))  I thought I was prepared!!  My mom has been feeling sick recently.  She just went to the doctor on Monday because she was coughing, and not feeling well.  The doctor did not want to give my mom medicine!  But, my mom convinced her, and on her way she went.  Apparently Tuesday night, she was feeling so much worse, she almost went to the hospital.  Yesterday, she went back to a (different) doctor, and she found out she has pneumonia.  They gave her a very strong round of 5 antibiotics that she will take one a day, and should be better in 5 days.  Once I found out she had gone to the doctor, and had pneumonia, my husband and I packed up our doggies, and headed to her house.  My husband and I are not germaphobs by any means, and I could tell my mom was feeling sick tired and lonely.  My dad is not the best at nurturing sick people.  You know how guys can be at times!  I made chicken and dumplings, and we talked over dinner.  I was then made aware that Thanksgiving had been canceled, and would not be rescheduled this year.  At first, I was fairly sad.  I love Thanksgiving, and I love cooking.  I had really been looking forwards to this years festivities.  Just a few moments later my husband, his name is Robby, by the way, left to go to the store to get my mom some ice cream.  It only took us about 5 minutes in the store, to realize, we were in fact going to do Thanksgiving, just in a completely different way!  We on the spot bought a fresh turkey, and took it to my moms to brine.  And we told her we were going to go ahead and do a Thanksgiving just for the four of us.  My mom was all for the idea, and my dad, who would usually complain about us buying a fresh turkey, was actually excited!  This just goes to show that life is full of unexpected things.  It's just how you handle the situation that matters!  I would really appreciate prayers for my mother though.  She has had pneumonia before, and it's a very difficult thing for her.

For everyone out there celebrating Thanksgiving, just remember to be thankful.  Thankful for everything, from food in your bellies, to the company and family surrounding your table.  Today is such a beautiful holiday, as God has given us so, so much to be thankful for!

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♥Lucky Lees to Be ♥ said...

So sorry your mom has pneumonia! Praying that she heals from this soon! Happy Thanksgiving!