Delicious Pumpkin Pie

It is that time of year.  When the air gets crisp, the leaves say goodbye in brilliant shades of red and orange.  It's a beautiful time of year...and the best time to whip up a delicious, pumpkin pie.  Whether you make this for Thanksgiving, or just as the piece de resistance to a Sunday dinner, just promise me you'll make it!  This is another of my husbands grandmothers recipes.  My husband likes pumpkin pie, but he loves this recipe.  Even I have to admit it was sinfully delicious.  To make this pumpkin pie even better, is it is a very, very simple pie to make.  Seriously. So it's great for a beginner!
This time of year you should have most of these ingredients in the pantry.  Evaporated milk, regular milk, canned pumpkin, eggs, spices, and sugar.  So simple!
I have the bad habit of never cracking my eggs separately and then beating them.  I always put the eggs in first, beat, and then add everything else.  I have to say I am SO proud of these eggs.  My chickens are such hard workers providing us with tons of fresh, perfect eggs!
Pardon my thumb!  While writing this post, and looking over the directions I really just DIYed this pumpkin filling.  The directions say to combine the pumpkin, sugar, salt and spices, then blend in your eggs, milk and evaporated milk.  I did the eggs, and then just added everything else.  Like I said earlier, this is basically no fail!
Next, poke holes in your pie crust! (Which I forgot to do until after I started to pour.  I did poke holes, you just can't see them!)  Anytime you make a pumpkin pie and pour in the filling it will get very full.  Like, can hardly keep from spilling it, kind of full.  I've even had some that didn't totally fit in the crust!  Make sure if you do a store bought crust to get deep dish.  If you do your own crust use a deeper dished pie pan.
Ta da!  Beautiful isn't it?  I wish I had a picture of it when it was done, but it did NOT last long enough.  We had it with my parents one evening and it was so, so good.  My husband and my parents like a nice dollop of cool whip on top.  I however, eat it plain.  I cannot stand cool whip!

Below is a printable of the recipe.  Try it out, and consider adding it to your holiday dinners.  Enjoy!

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