Egg White Facial

I am a curious, cheap person by nature, so when I heard about this facial I knew I had to give it a shot.  I currently don't have a skin routine.  I have yet to determine, as a 25 year old woman, if this is a good thing or a bad thing!  I've never really had problem skin, I never have oily skin and only on occasion do I get a blemish.  I do have a few soft wrinkles.  As you can see in my pictures below.  This facial ended up being pretty cool.  Egg whites are beneficial because they are full of protein which is great for your skin.  You don't use the yolk, so you can eat it, or save it and use it on your hair. ;) you know there may be a tutorial on that as well!

You need a bowl, a whisk, and an egg.  I'm using my own eggs, so they are as organic as I can get them!  Pardon the fact my egg looks a little dirty.  I do not wash my eggs.  That's a whole different post though!

Here I am before the egg white facial.  No make up, nothing.  You can see a glimpse of my forehead wrinkles!  I think they are more expression lines because whenever I raise my eyebrows, etc is when they are most pronounced...as you can see!

Here is my egg white whipped and foamy.  It's so strange but my eggs are a lot firmer than commercial eggs. It took quite a bit of whisking to break it down.  Once it's foamy you are going to apply it to your face in circular motions.  Then you want to let it dry, and leave it on for about 15 to 20 minutes.  This will make your skin tighten like crazy!  It's a very interesting feeling, I found it kinda cool!  I did notice while it was on it was hard to find my "wrinkles" which I was surprised at.

This is what it looks like dry.  Clear and crusty.  Kinda gross if you think about it too much.

Once it's dried you want to wash it off gently with warm water, and pat dry.  It left my face feeling firmer, and very soft.  I could definitely tell a difference and I will be doing this regularly!

So, what do you think?  Would you try an egg white facial?

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