Almost Fall

This summer has been so hot and dry.  In fact it's still pretty warm and I hardly remember what a rain cloud looks like.  It's hard to believe, but the official start of fall is a mere 32 days away.  I always sound like a crazy lady, but I can already feel everything changing.

Everything is slowly dying.  Leaves are a little more yellow, and every so often you catch one dancing to the ground.  There is something about the light in the evening that seems different, and the nights are cool.  Like, in the 50's and 60's cool!  There is sometimes a slight coolness in the breeze during the day, and the spiders are out and making webs like crazy.  The apples in the orchard are ripe and ready for harvesting already.

I'm bracing myself for the start of the best time of the year.  The time of the year where the trees are painted with colors, noses are cold, and there are wonderful rainy days.  When you can snuggle up in the dark by a fire and make smores.  Hot apple cider, and too many delicious treats to count.

It's hard to think of preparing for these colder months, but now really is the time.  The fall and winter seasons are full of activities and holidays and you need to be ready!  Start taking inventory of things that need to get done to make things less stressful.  Now would be the time to start knitting, crocheting or quilting some warm things for the cooler weather.  It would be the time to maybe start buying some extra baking supplies to have on hand.

I'm hoping to get all our projects done no later than October 1st.  We're putting in some flooring, and doing quite a bit of painting, along with needing to find some furniture and getting things organized and stored away.  We also need to go ahead and get things more energy efficient (good window coverings, etc.) and we also are going to be on propane so that's going to be a whole different adventure!

Are you excited for fall?  Are you doing anything to get ready for the cooler months?

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