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I am so happy to be using blogger again!  I had switched to wordpress after hearing a lot of people talk about how much better it was.  It did have a great multitude of plugins and widgets, BUT, it had a lot of downsides.  There was no google friend connect, I couldn't use adsense, and I didn't have the ability to check my dashboard for new posts from people I follow.  I felt SO disconnected from everyone!  Needless to say I'm pretty happy about it.

I backed up my blog before leaving wordpress and switching back here.  Unfortunately so far I have not been able to import that here so I may have lost any new posts I had written.  I'm not too down about it because I'm just happy to be back.  I do apologize if you are looking for something in specific and can't find it.

Oh, and currently to get to my blog you must type in www.theatypicalhousewife.com

I'll have a new blog post up in a few minutes...so stay tuned!

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