There are days when I am unhappy with my life.  I want to accomplish more, achieve more, do more.  I want to be a better blogger, have a home based business, have an always clean house...well, I'm sure some of ya know the list!  I get grumpy with my life.  Things aren't what I planned, they aren't what I wanted, they are far from perfect.

But then I climb in bed.  It's dark, and the air is chilly, but the blankets are warm.  Lying next to a man who is far from perfect, but more than perfect for me.  Lying there with two, big, clumsy, warm black dogs, pressed against my legs, or side, or sometimes my face.  (fyi my dogs know no boundaries).  I think about how there are boxes left unpacked, and small scattered messes.  I think about making this house into our home, about holidays, home decor and diy projects galore.  I think about how much I love my husband, my animals, and how amazing my God is.

It's not perfect.  It never will be.  But it's enough.  And I'm thankful.  This isn't a perfect life I'm living, but it's a life worth living.  A life worth enjoying.

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