I've posted about this twice on my facebook page, but feel as though it's time for a blog entry.

There has been a lot going on around here.  About two weeks ago we noticed my 95 year old grandpa (my fathers father) was more confused than normal.  He would be at home, but ask Rob and I to drive him back home.  Or he'd think he was outside when he wasn't.  It got severe enough my parents took him to the hospital and they said he'd had no apparent strokes, and was as healthy as he could be, but that he needed to be cared for 24 hours a day.

My dad stayed with him constantly for about 4 days, until last Monday (3/19).  He was much more confused than normal, and unlike previously he didn't come around.  He had to go to the hospital where he has been since.  Along with him being very confused, they said he had pneumonia, and had fluid on his lungs.  They were trying to treat with antibiotics, and also drained the fluid but it kept coming back.  Sunday my parents had been to the hospital but were at home taking a bit of a break when they got the call he was bleeding internally and they needed to come to the hospital.

They were unable to find the source of his bleeding, and yesterday the doctor said in addition to the bleeding his kidneys were starting to shut down.  They had made plans on transferring him to hospice/palative care today.  This morning my mom called and let me know during the night my grandfather had taken out his IV, and instructed the nurses that he didn't want any more assistance or help.  He's choosing to let nature take it's course.

It's a hard time right now.  My grandfather is an unbeliever and has a very hard and bitter heart towards God.  I know this must burden my parents even more than it does me.  I would love for you to pray for us during this time, and ask for God to touch his heart.

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