So far this year has already brought more changes than I could have ever imagined.  I stumbled across a blog that spoke right to my heart.  I realized I was holding out on my dreams because I was being blind.  I realized I was holding out on life.

Since I was a little girl I’ve always loved animals, loved being outside, and I always knew I wanted to live on a farm.  I remember checking out a library book all about farm animals.  I loved that book.  I’d look through the pages and read about all the animals I knew I’d have one day, and all the plants I’d grow. 

As I grew up, I realized it would probably be a long time until I had those things.  I’ve wasted a lot of time since being married, thinking about someday rather than embrace the opportunities I have available.  These are big things and small things.  “I’ll clean my home better when I live in a nicer home.”  “I’ll have chickens someday.”  “I’ll have an amazing garden someday.”  These are all things I could do now, have been able to do for a while, but instead of embracing that, and doing that, I’ve been waiting for this elusive someday. 

Today is my someday.  I want to look back on my life and know I lived it well.  I want to live a life peppered with hard work and lazy days, full of love, laughter and heart ache.  I want to know I squeezed every drop of living out of my life.  The lives we live on this Earth are numbered.  Maybe we just have days left, hopefully years.  If you have the ability to do something, why aren’t you doing it?  The time may never be perfect, or convenient for something, but that doesn’t mean it’s not meant to be.  There are so many people out there working themselves to the bone waiting for the right time to live.  The fact of the matter is this is the time to live.  

Why aren’t you pursuing your dreams?

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