An Announcement!

I am happy and very excited to announce a few new additions to the family!

Saturday we plunged ourselves in a new adventure...chickens!

Pretty sure this little one is a leghorn.
 This is a first for both Rob and I.  In fact, I'd never even held a chick until we got home!  We're nearly two days in and everyone is doing well.

Barred rock on the left and a production red on the right.
 I think I expected baby chicks to be quiet, docile, sleepy little things.  I've been amazed at how much they move, flap, run, stretch and REALLY amazed at how much they have eaten.

Look at those tiny, adorable, cute little tail feathers! <3

Here's the whole group together.  We have a total of 10.  Two leghorns, two production reds, and six barred rocks.  We may have a rooster, but there are no ways too know for sure just yet.

Here is a short little clip of them...

Have a wonderful Monday!

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