Farming & Sustainability

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Farming is nothing new to me.  My grandfather was a farmer, my dad was a farmer.  I just happened to be more of a lazy city kid, even though I spent plenty of time at our farm.  I always said I wanted to run the farm when it was my time, but that never seemed like it right around the corner.  I helped a bit here and there, but was never in depth. I’m saddened to say I didn’t learn much.  When I was little, maybe 8 or so, I checked out a book on farm animals.  I loved looking over the pages at all the animals.  I used to dream about having a farm, having all these animals (because I loved animals) and that I could make my own bread.  Then I grew into a moody teenager, and I became lost as to what I wanted to do.  High school pushed college, but nothing was right to me.  I didn’t want the responsibility of being a vet; a graphic designer was a thought, and even a teacher.  I ended up getting a part time job that led to a full time job in a call center.  I still had far off dreams of someday having some land and farm animals, but it always seemed so impossible, and so much work.  I guess this is a long time coming, this longing, and this realization.  I guess, technically, the seed has always been there, but I never imagined the roots would go this deep.  Its little moments that build up.  So, I guess, why do I want to be sustainable, be a farmer…well, this is why…

I want to do what God meant for people to do.  Work the earth, till the ground, plant and tend seeds.  I want to grow organic, chemical free, food for my family.

I want to be able to preserve my food, whether by canning, freezing, or in some other fashion.  I’m not saying I’ll never step foot into a grocery store, but I don’t want to be stuck being DEPENDENT on a grocery store.

I love animals.  I am very, very compassionate with animals.  I want to raise my own meat.  There are two reasons for this.  1.  Animals raised today for slaughter are abused, neglected, and not given the freedoms God intended.  2.  I want to take responsibility for the meat I eat.  Let it be known I have never, ever, personally killed any animal.  I don’t want to, per say.  But God meant for us to eat animals, and I do believe by participating in the slaughter you appreciate the animal even more.  I read somewhere that it’s no wonder Americans waste 1/3 of the food they buy.  Because they don’t appreciate where it came from.

It’s a simpler life.  No doubt difficult, but simple.  I don’t want to live life rushed by work deadlines, and rude people.  I want to live a rich life, and I personally think this is the best way for me.

I want to train my kids up this way.  I am thankful for the way I grew up, but I would love for my children to be raised in a 100% farm atmosphere.  I would love for my kids to be able to learn what I’m clueless too early in their lives.

It’s in my heart.  It’s not something I’ve always talked about.  It isn’t something I’ve always realized, but living on land, working land, it feels right.

I’m sure people are wondering where this came from.  Why this now.  Why have I never mentioned this?  Well…it’s always seemed impossible.  It’s always been when Rob and I are older.  I’ve always wanted this, but always thought there had to be a step between now, and fulfilling it.  There may be some steps, lots of trial and error, hard work, and failure.  But that’s ok.  Those are the things life is made of.  I’d rather try at it and fail, then to live my life thinking what if.

So, spill the beans, what are your big, bad, dreams for the future?


Whitney said...

haha, alright since I know my "big, bad, dreams for the future" won't be criticized here I'll go ahead and "spill the beans." (Ordinarly, I keep this pretty tight because I know the response I get otherwise). My crazy dream in life is simple- home & family. I tried every major and college for six years, and ultimately found greater purpose in homemaking. If I could achieve home and family in life, then I will certainly consider my self a great success [regardless of career or college!]. Within the blog world that doesn't sound too crazy, but beyond this realm it is just that because of the book of ducks in a row that ought to be satisfied first. hah. So there you have it. :)

Mrs. Pedersen said...

Wow, that's some pretty big dreams! But, it's fun to have dreams and work towards them. I'm not sure what my big bad dreams are, other than living a more simple and organized life in my day to day life. I feel like I'm always a progress in training! ;-)

Marlynn said...

I am living my dream!! (Well sorta) I've always wanted to be a ranchers wife and raise my children the way I was raised; out on the land, on the back of a horse, atop a tractor, you get the idea. We are raising our children on a ranch/farm, the thing I've had to adjust to is my husband holding down a full-time job. Hopefully one day we can support ourselves fully off our land and he doesn't have to work.

I have to dispute your number 1 reason for wanting to raise your own food. "1. Animals raised today for slaughter are abused, neglected, and not given the freedoms God intended." This is inaccurate. The majority of farmers, ranchers, and feedlots all take GREAT care in making sure their animals receive top care. These animals are their likelihoods, therefore they are not going to abuse their animals, just like they don't abuse their own children.

I want to share a story of my dad. A few years ago he had a calf born with a dis formed back. This calf could not stand very well, therefore he could not nurse from his mother and had to be bottle fed. My dad bottle fed this animal morning and night for four months, willing it to stay alive and get better, which it was slowly. The calf eventually died which aggravated my dad....he was hoping for its survival and chance at achieving a normal life. 95% of all ranchers that I know have this same mentality and love for their animals.

I think it is awesome that you want to join our ranks of raising your own food! But for now remember that American Farmers produce the safest food worldwide, and they produce mass amounts of it.