Reasons 29-35

((Thanks for every ones prayers, we're feeling better over here.  Well, Rob is seems to be doing great, I'm still feeling a little sick!))

Before being a full time housewife, I worked customer service.  One of the biggest lessons we learned was that people were much more likely to tell others about their negative experiences versus their positive experiences.

Are you doing this in your marriage?

I'm challenging myself, and anyone else who would like to participate in joining in on my "365 Reasons I Love My Husband."  No, you don't have to blog all 365 reasons at once!  You can include a reason a day, do a blog post a week, or one big one once a month.  I'm going to be doing one post a week, that will list out 7 things I love about my husband.  Each week I'll be adding a linky tool so that way you can link up your post so myself and others can stop by and check it out!  I hope this challenges you to focus on the good things about your husband, instead of lingering on the few faults he may have.


29.  I love that my husband isn't afraid to tell me what he thinks.  I'm glad that if I'm being difficult he'll tell me, or if he's thinking something he tells me, no matter what it is.

30.  I love my husband feet.  Weird I know, but my mom said I'd never be able to marry someone with feet bigger than mine.  Needless to say, I proved her wrong.

31.  I love the fact that, without me telling him, or asking him, or even mentioning it, my husband picked up eyeliner for me when he stopped at walmart.

32.  I love that he listens me when I say if he will or will not like a food item, song, or movie.  He will usually stick with it and trust me if I say he'll enjoy it.

33.  I love that my husband is laid back, but not passive.  If he doesn't think something is right, he'll say so.

34.  I love that my husband is polite.  To me and strangers.

35.  I love that my husband is outgoing.  I am perpetually shy, so his voice is often my voice too.


Feel free to link up and share the reasons you love your husband.  You can do this by writing a post a linking it below, or by leaving your reasons in the comment section.  I look forwards to stopping by your blog and reading your reasons!

365 Reasons I Love My Husband

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