I'm Confused.

I'm going to be 25 years old next month, and I have a confession to make.  I've never really decorated a home before.  I lived with my parents until I got married, so I kind of decorated my room.  Once Rob and I were married we were/have been on such a budget any and all decor is really just old, hand me down furniture.  I'm hoping in the coming months I'll finally be doing some some in depth decorating.  On a budget of course, but I am so excited none the less.  So, here comes the difficult part...

What is my home decor style?!

I've browsed pinterest plenty and I've found loads of things I really like, but I still don't know how I would want to decorate.  It seems I like lots of different, random things, and I just don't know how to put it all together.  I thought I'd share it with you lovelies and see if you had any input or advice!


The Good: white, glass front cabinets, cookbooks on counter, back splash and counter print.  The Bad: looks retro, and I'm not sure if want to commit myself to a particular time period.

The Good:  Bright, clean, fun colors.  The Bad: I don't know if this is really me, and again it's kind of time period-y.

The Good: I love the white cabinets, the glass front and regular cabinets together, love the wall color and the floors.  The Bad: my husband would get finger prints all over the white cabinets?  I don't like the items on the counters.

The Good:  I like the country-ish feel to this.  I like the vintage/retro knickknacks and the multi-color/style coffee cups.  The Bad:  Counter looks cluttered, and again, would be stuck in a time period.

The Good:  I like that it's open, I like the modern country feel.  I like the cookbooks, and being able to see the spices.  The Bad:  I like it, but is this me, or just something I like?

Dining Room

The Good: Matches the above kitchen!  Like the wall color, and hanging lamp. The Bad:  Seems to be lacking something.

The Good:  It's not overwhelmingly feminine.  I think the dark blue is very different, but very pretty.  I like how all the white contrasts with the wall color.  The Bad:  I hate those chairs!

The Good:  Like the wall color, the hanging lights, love the pictures (though wish they were of something else) like the flowers on the table, AND even the table and chairs.  The Bad:  White chairs are out with a mechanic for a husband and dogs/cats.  Not sure about the flooring either.  And although it sounds weird, it's a little...bright for my liking?

The Good:  I really like the chandelier, the table and chairs, the buffet, the walls, even the tulips.  The Bad:  Maybe a little too fancy, or a little too girly.

The Good:  I love the white at the bottom and the dark blue on the top.  I like the chandelier, I like the table, and I like the white flowers on the table with the blue vases.  The Bad:  The white chairs, the rug, and is the chandelier too much?


The Good:  I like the darker bedroom furniture.  I like pictures on the wall (though not those particular ones!) I like the dark bed covers.  The Bad:  It all seems the same color, kind of monotone and blah.

The Good:  I like the room color, the monogram over the bed, the furniture and the pictures.  The Bad:  White comforter is a no go for us.  Not quite what I'm looking for. (not that I really know what I'm looking for!)

The Good:  I like the wall color, the colors of the bed/sheets.  The Bad:  A bit too feminine?  This looks a lot like just a girls bedroom.

The Good:  Love the wall color, the trim at top, the mirror, and the headboard.  The Bad: Again, no white on bed, and looking a little to girly.

The Good:  Like that the bed sheets are dark, and it's platform.  I also really like the nightstands, and the wall color is alright.  The Bad:  The pictures on the wall, and it seems kind of plain Jane.

The Good:  I really like the flowers!  I'm really ok with the lamp, and the nightstand.  The thought of a white bed frame/headboard is a nice option as white bedding isn't a good fit for now.  The Bad:  Not a huge fan of the wall color, wish it was a bit more gray-ish.

Bath Room

The Good:  I love this bathroom.  It's almost everything I would want in a bathroom.  Very calming and spa like.  The Bad:  This is an expensive bathroom!  Probably not in our caliber now or for awhile in the future.

The Good:  Like the wall color, the sink area, the tiles, and the trim.  The Bad:  Really nothing.  It looks spa like, and relaxing which is exactly what I want!

The Good:  This is a beautiful bathroom.  I love the way it looks.  The Bad:  Very feminine, and although I love it, I don't know that it would ever work for us.

Living Room

The Good:  This seems to be a style I'm drawn too, but I don't know what to call it.  I like all the colorful pillows, the flowers, and the different patterns.  The Bad:  Don't like the picture, white couch is not doable.

The Good:  Leather couch!  And I love the colored, different patterned pillows.  I like the lamp, and the shelves.  The Bad: I don't like white walls.

The Good:  A black couch!!  Like all the colored pillows, and the pictures on the wall.  I also like the rug.  The Bad:  The white walls, and ottoman.

The Good:  I really like this.  I like the colored pillows/different patterns (again!), and the chandelier.  The Bad:  Pretty sure this is technically a dining room!  Not sure about the chairs and the rug.

The Good:  Dark couch, like the coffee table, the photos on the wall, and the lamp and chandelier.  The Bad:  A little monotone, and boring.

As you can see there are bits and pieces I really like, but if I were to put it all together I have a feeling it'd look very, very weird!  I guess I'll just have to keep browsing pinterest to find more ideas!

What is your decorating style?  Have any advice for me?  Feel free to share!


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Sophie A. said...

gorgeous pics! i actually agree with all you said. go for it! i'm cheering you on!