Picking Our Tree...

I was so excited this year to go get our tree.  Last year was our first time going together, and cutting down our own tree.  I didn't have a digital camera last year, so I vowed this year I would, and I would take tons of pictures.  And guess what?  I forgot my camera!  So I had to use my cell phone, so the pictures aren't great. We also went late in the afternoon on Friday and it was pretty cloudy, and nearly dusk, so that certainly didn't help on the picture quality.

This is the drive up to their barn and the home they live in.  To the left is where we cut down our tree last year.  We were surprised at how few trees were over there!

Some of the trees as we drove by.  They have white price tags.

Getting towards the top of the hill!  You park, and they give you a saw, and let you know which trees are available.  They also tell you to not cut down any tree that has an orange tag as it is already taken!

They have these old tractors on display.  Very cool, and educational!

A Farmall tractor!

All these darker green trees to the right of the orange are for sale, the rest have to wait till next year!

This.  This is the tree I wanted!  I wanted one like this last year too.  However, all the ones that were tall enough, were also taken.  :(

After much deliberation this is the tree we picked.  A little holey, but every tree looks great decorated!

Pardon Rob's bed head and cowlicks!  He's sawing the trunk in this picture.

Timber!  The tree is cut.  After this you just drag it to the road and guy come and get it, shake it, and net it.  While they did that we had some free cocoa, and paid for our tree.
All in all it was a pretty good experience.  It definitely could have been a little less cloudy and windy, and cold, but it adds to the experience!

So...do you do a real tree, or a fake one?

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Rebecca said...

Oh! I've always wanted to do this! Maybe when my little one is older. I think she's too young to enjoy it right now. We haven't put ours up yet because I'm not sure what destruction a toddler can do to a Christmas tree! :) haha.

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Hope you're doing well.